Your Needs

As an industry player in defense, security or energy, I want to anticipate current trends in my fields: from budgets to alliances, technological breakthroughs as well as advances in concepts and capacity.

Market Monitoring

  • Sector analysis and market research: moving from raw and unqualified information to deep knowledge of the market;
  • Domain review: “Technological and Industrial Base”, (development of production tools and cross-ownership structures), landscape of basic research and  breakthroughs in scientific developments, identification of technical steps in training, anticipating trends, detecting alliances, positioning of the competition;
  • Country-geographic area analysis: political context, historical and cultural context, strategies for autonomy and indigenization, rise of South-South relations;
  • Export Policy (commercial diplomacy): following export restrictions and the development of international standards;
  • R&D investment strategy.

Competitive Monographs

  • Targeted alerts, customized and scalable parameters, targeting a player or a group of private or public industrial players;
  • Biography of decision makers, their CV, mapping of players and relationship networks, highlighting channels of influence);
  • Identification of partners.
As a major industrial player, I want to identify my short and medium-term opportunities in the field of services.
  • Identification of sectors and markets generated by the service offers at national, European or global levels.
  • Specification of needs and adapting the client offer.
  • Support in creating a sales and marketing strategy.
As a defence subconstractor, I want the capacity solution I am developing to meet the expectations of army clients on both a conceptual and operational basis.
  • Functional Analysis
  • Technical and operational marketing taking into account: price positioning, competitor solutions, desired ultimate operational effects, the conceptual and doctrinal multinational environment, and the options for changing the system of systems in which the product will be placed.
  • Support in defining an image and communication action plan
As a researcher in aeronautics, I want to demonstrate my work’s potentiality for policy-making in the EU, NATO and/or in a coalition.
  • Strategic perspective on the politico-military fallout of the capacity work under consideration; highlighting the solution chosen in terms of multiplying operational efficiency;
  • Analysis of current power relations in terms of standards and interoperability models (NATO, EU, others). Credibility strategy for the selected approach within this context.
  • Final needs specification, fine tuning and value for money of the offer;
  • Creation of an ad hoc case: proposing the arguments in favour of the position as well as advice and case follow-up.
As a transport infrastructure operator, I want to evaluate the use of drones to monitor my holdings.
  • Legal, operational and industrial context insight.
  • Development of an adapted dual reading grid.
  • Networking with the most credible and responsive industry players in the sector.
As an expert in renewable energy, I need the details of the structure of the power industry (off-shore wind, for instance) in Europe
  • Specialized and adapted monitoring reports
  • Insight notes
  • Analytical review of the field
As a local authority owning an airport hub in need of redeployment, how can its profitable and sustainable development be ensured?

Change Management Audit

  • Technology audit (with CEIS’s 128 innovation department)
  • Analysis of organisations and strategic management governance
  • Search for grants and public funding
  • Linking with national and European policy makers
  • Assistance with file preparation
  • Research and validation of investors (with CEIS’s department of Operational Risk)

International Development

  • Linking with international decision makers
  • Identification and validation of local partners
  • Helping to promote the airport after its repositioning.