Your Needs

You need to carry out a stress test of your crisis management system.

Solution: Planning and implementation of a tabletop crisis exercise lasting one day with every team involved in the crisis management structure. Together, we will build a realistic scenario and then carry out the exercise with our unique CRITIS system. We then offer a structured debriefing which highlights the strong and weak points of your system.

Because of your strong presence on the internet, you experience regular cyber-attacks. You need to anticipate and control your cyber risks.

Solution: Permanent risk monitoring such as phishing, typosquatting or information leaks. You will benefit from real-time alerts. You will have access to a complete security dashboard which we update monthly, allowing you to assess your own security situation compared to other companies.

You wish to create and implement a 2.0 web communication strategy.

Solution: After identifying the vectors of influence, we offer and implement a complete action plan including the creation of new media, preparation and publishing of new contents, monitoring of consequences.

Your company is affected by an organized counterfeit network and you wish to gather evidence before launching a legal process.

Solution: We conduct a field investigation with our local representatives and identify the entire network for you, from the producer up to the retailer. We then liaise with a specialized law firm in order to prepare the case and support you throughout all the legal and administrative action you wish to take.

One of your European competitors systematically offers lower prices than you do. You want an analysis of its cost structure.

Solution: Our team of investigators (who have all received the “private investigation agents” approval) can create a research plan and conduct several interviews to collect high value-added information.

You need a map of your Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility risks (CSR and CER).

Solution: We identify each stakeholder who could be involved in the debate regarding your company and we provide an analysis of their positions. We then classify your risks according to the level of their seriousness, their probability, and the ways in which they might emerge.

Within the framework of an international expansion project, you wish to check your potential partner’s integrity and seriousness.

Solution: We perform a KYC due diligence gathering local open-source information and running on location interviews. We then filter the information collected, and classify it into the defined risk categories (governance, legal and reputational risks, money laundering risks and terrorist financing, etc.).

You wish to raise your team’s awareness of knowledge protection and implement a security policy.

Solution: We assess the weaknesses of your business and help you create a guide or handbook providing relevant responses. Information security awareness among your team members is an important part of this process.

You have spotted an invitation to tender abroad. Before becoming involved, you wish to analyze the decision-making environment.

Solution: We identify local decision-making processes and competitors. We can put you in contact with the right decision-makers.