Our Solutions

Crisis Management

Because crisis management is not just about public relations, CEIS offers to take action before, during and after the crisis:

  • Anticipation and Follow-up: Our media-desk carries out multilingual monitoring of the media and the multilingual 2.0 web and alerts you - in real time - about the situation. We also provide you with a weekly barometer showing an overall picture of your environment.
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Our team of investigators and analysts collects the necessary information so that you can gain control of the media, social and legal issues that affect you.
  • Assessment of your Crisis Management System: We audit your existing system and then create a crisis manual with you. This crisis manual includes standard operating procedures (on call system, alarm, monitoring, communication, etc.).
  • Crisis Drill: We organize drills for public and private entities on a regular basis. These drills are based on a computerized role-playing system, called CRITIS, used by the French Ministry of the Interior for crisis management drills.
  • Response Strategy: We will support you in making key decisions such as using a spokesperson, setting up a schedule and communication timeline, targeting an external and internal audience, working out arguments, etc.
Cybercrime and Information Systems Security

Cybercrime is not inevitable. The engineers and analysts from the Secu-Insight team will help you anticipate the risks. We also work to define and take efficient preventive and protective steps.

  • Security Monitoring: Our monitoring systematically includes three levels: technological (vulnerabilities, methods of the attacks), operational (information systems affected, confidentiality affected) and strategic (threat analysis).
  • Security Audit: We carry out internal and external intrusion tests and audit the office automation networks and industrial systems (SCADAS).
  • Advice: We create and implement an information systems security policy along with your teams.

CEIS has proven and extended track records on the field of information systems security. We have worked on the European banking, finance and industry sectors, as well as for French and European institutions. In addition, CEIS has been the facilitator for the French Ministry of Defence's IT-war research institute for several years. 


CEIS believes that the internet is more than just a simple communication tool. We provide communication departments and “community managers” with the following services:

  • E-Reputation Monitoring: Our media desk has several digital communication experts who can monitor in real time the image of your products, brand and company in the press and on the  Web. We alert you as soon as any negative content is published and provide you with a weekly barometer of your on line reputation.
  • Stakeholder Mapping: Before assisting you in elaborating a digital communication strategy, it is absolutely necessary to identify the main stakeholder networks and the main media category used in your environment.
  • Community Management Strategy: We can assist you in planning content creation and publishing offers on dedicated or shared platforms (blog creation, videos posting, creating crossed links, etc.).
Anti Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a plague affecting all industries which can have serious consequences on your company’s revenue and image, and generate health and safety issues.

In order to protect your commercial activities in a given market, we can act on three levels:

  • Investigations: Our investigation unit carries out in the field investigations to identify counterfeiters and their logistical and distribution network.
  • Action Strategy: We will assist you in defining an action strategy to take against the main clients, retailers or producers of counterfeit products.
  • Contacts with the Main Local Players: We will make local contact with customs and other administration officials in order to take the appropriate legal and administrative actions. CEIS works with several specialized law firms for legal affairs.

CEIS operates on various types of products in the fight against counterfeiting: luxury products, the pharmaceutical industry and consumer goods.


Business Intelligence and Investigations

CEIS provides you with a complementary solution to the business intelligence processes you have already set up internally.We offer multi-lingual services that include high value-added solutions which are adjustedto your needs. Our products include a thorough level of analysis, and make the best use of human sources of information.

  • Business Intelligence: Our media desk alerts you in real time on all of your competitors’ or market news including new contracts, partnerships, recruitment, product launches, tenders and more. The surveillance is carried out by multilingual analysts using the most efficient monitoring systems. You will also receive a weekly report giving you an overall picture of the information collected.
  • Competition Monitoring: Our analysts deliver detailed monitoring reports from all available open-source information (corporate sources, press, legal and financial databases). This will help you maintain a regularly updated database on your competitors.
  • Competitive Investigation:  Our investigation unit collects through all legal means the non-public information you need in France and abroad. In order to perform the best and most accurate research work, we work in close cooperation with our subsidiaries, international offices,  and our network of local teams. CEIS also remains in constant contact with your team to update you with the latest results and redirect the search if necessary. CEIS has a subsidiary which has been approved as a “private investigator agent” since 2008.
Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

CEIS will assist you in defining your approach to corporate social and environmental responsibility, with permanent analysis of your environment:

  • Identification of Stakeholders: We identify each stakeholder likely to play a part in your environment  and analyse their structure and network. We then create a global map of the all parties at stake and their positions.
  • Perception of your Business: We carry out a study on the footprint you and your business leave on civil society. You will then receive a weekly report on your environment, allowing you to anticipate and detect the stands taken by other players.
  • Environmental Risk Mapping: Thanks to our highly efficient investigative methods and on-site interviews, our consultants will draw up a map of the corporate social and environmental responsibilities that affect you. This map will be updated throughout the project with the latest analysis reports and stakeholder mapping.
  • Benchmarks and Trend Studies: We analyze the strategies followed by other players in the market to identify the main trends.

CEIS can also operate within the framework of compliance assessments of subcontractors and suppliers. Read more in our “Ethical and Financial Compliance” offer.

Ethical and Financial Compliance

Whether you are a financial institution, an investment company, or an SME looking to export, your legal and statutory obligations compel you to check several types of risks. These are often difficult to identify if your have developed your activity in a country with low standards of transparency.

For more than ten years, CEIS has been specialized in non-compliance, ethical and financial risk management. We offer operational investigative solutions carried out in strict confidentiality and in compliance with French and local laws. Our investigation sercvice can help you make important decisions based on soild ground and provide you with verified, field-based intelligence, according to your needs:

  • Identifying and getting a greenlight on future partners or possible acquisition targets (mergers and acquisitions, due diligence)
  • Verifyng the reputation and integrity of consultants, sponsors or go-betweens within the framework of international contracts (integrity due diligence)
  • Performing the background checks you are required to do in order to identify and know your customer if you are a professional subject to compliance with money laundering and terrorist financing countermeasures (KYC Due Diligence)
  • Identify illegal transmission or usage networks of insider information within stock market operations (market abuse due diligence)

In 2011 alone, CEIS has carried out investigative due diligence in nearly forty countries (including Russia, Ukraine, Panama, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, China, Korea, Malaysia, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, the UK, the US, etc.).

Economic Security

Whether you are an international group, a competitive cluster or an innovative SME-SMI, your organization holds and exchanges strategic information on a daily basis that needs to be controlled.

After having gained experience in 20 competitive clusters within the framework of state-programs, as well as many projects carried out for numerous companies, CEIS is able to assist you in defining a functional and integrated economic security policy. We offer answers to your audit, assistance and training needs with regard to the control and protection of information through the following solutions:

  • Economic security audit;
  • Information security policy and referential;
  • Awareness-raising and training through fifteen modules covering information-related risks as well preparing business travel and the protection of strategic information;
  • Operational engagement (digital charters, confidentiality charters for example);
  • Operational support.
International Development

Because international growth comprises certain risks, CEIS created a service offer covering every phase of your project.