Proprietary Technology

Since its creation, CEIS has chosen to have in-house development, enabling an independent response to some of its own needs and those of many of its clients.

CEIS has designed and developed the following technological solutions:

  • OWL Desk™, a platform for collaborative management of information. It allows a team of analysts/monitors to organise the work, share information, draft periodic reports and manage broadcasting. This solution, designed and developed by CEIS, is based on Microsoft SharePoint™ technology.
  • OWL Watch™ is an internet monitoring tool. Probes are placed on on-line resources for an automatic and very reactive monitoring (detection of keywords, changes, etc.).
  • Critis™ is a computer role-play designed for training in crisis management. Originally designed by CEIS as a prototype in part of a program of the Directorate General of Armament (DGA), the tool has been completely redeveloped. It now facilitates the preparation, facilitation and debriefing of crisis exercises.

In addition to its own technological solutions, CEIS also uses various market tools, for mapping, analysis and data visualization. All our consultants have access to news aggregators and international trade information.