Our Ethical Commitments

Defending the clients' interests

Relationships with clients should be guided by the following principles: loyalty, total involvement in the project and defence of strategic, commercial and ethical interests.

Preventing conflicts of interest

CEIS may not act as consultant representing more than one entity in the same case or be commissioned by companies in direct competition.

Unless there is an agreement with the clients, CEIS must refrain from engaging in similar projects where there is a conflict of interest, risk of confidentiality breach or if its independence may be impaired.

Where there is a serious risk of conflict of interest, CEIS must obtain the consent of the clients involved before accepting a contract.


As the consultant works closely with the client, the confidentiality established in the interest of the parties is, generally, absolute and unlimited in time. This obligation for total discretion is extended to all information gathered and confidential documents made available to CEIS during the mission.

Compliance with anti-corruption laws

As an integral part of its business, CEIS and its entire staff are committed to respecting the OECD anti-corruption convention on the bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions, which came into effect on the 15th February 1999. 

Compliance with laws and regulations

CEIS agrees to comply with all laws and regulations in countries where it operates.