Management Team

Olivier Darrason began his career in the prefecture of Guadeloupe in 1982 and later in the Var department of France. He was later Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Culture and Communication, and then Secretary General of SVP, a management consultancy. He was an elected member of parliament of the Bouches-du-Rhone from 1993-1997. In 1997 he founded CEIS. He is a defence specialist and has participated in numerous major reforms of defence in France. He is also a graduate of Political Science (IEP, Aix-en-Provence) and the National Administration School (ENA) of France.

Guillaume Tissier started as a journalist specialized in economic and legal affairs before becoming a consultant for DATOPS. He joined CEIS in 1997 and became Director of the Risk Management department where he has managed CEIS information security and cyber-risk analysis projects. He is graduated in international business law. He was appointed Managing Director at CEIS in January 2012.

Phuong Nguyen is CEIS' Public Sector Director and is also manager of all missions for local government. Previously he has been financial director and then managing director of a tourism company. 

Eric Schmidt is adviser to the President of CEIS. He has worked as assistant director of cabinet and technical advisor in three French ministries. He has also been a parliamentary advisor for numerous French members of parliament and the director of communication of public bodies and local government. He has a political science degree (Sciences-Po) and a degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalism.

Jean-Jacques Brun joined CEIS in 1999 where he was in charge of our media desk and our monitoring projects. He is now Director of the Risk Management department. He holds a post-graduate degree in Defence, Geo-strategy and Industrial Dynamics from Assas, and a Political Science Masters from the Sorbonne. 

Axel Dyèvre is the head of the Defence & Security Practice at CEIS. He has also been in charge of the CEIS-European Office since its creation in 2006. Axel started his carrer as an officer in the French Forces. A consultant in strategy from 1995 to 1997, he was then a Senior Partner at DATOPS (now LexisNexis Business Information Solutions), a firm developing information systems, between 1997 and 2005. There, Axel designed, and implemented intelligence solutions  for governmental agencies and private firms. Axel has been a part of the CEIS expansion since its beginnings in 1997, and he has opened the CEIS-European Office in 2006. He graduated in Business Management from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP Business School).

Chris is Director of Human Resources for CEIS. She has a postgraduate degree in Industrial and Commercial Strategy. Her career started as a parliamentary assistant, and she later joined CEIS as a consultant on political and parliamentary monitoring. She is also Quality Manager for CEIS, which was ISO 9001 certified in 2002. 

Caroline Jungers is an expert on company law and has worked in the finance and banking sector. She later joined the regional council in a variety of posts including international economic investment, and innovation and technology transfer. She has a post-graduate degree in Business Law. She is now Director of CEIS for the Lorraine Region.