Our Solutions

Emerging technology reports : TechTrends™


You have a need to have a clear understanding of a new technological field and want to acquire a summation of the relevant state of the scientific and technical art.

Solution: Consult the list of TechTrends™ reports

Studies compiled by our experts and consultants providing accurate and summarized data on the fields in question: state of the techniques, description of existing and potential applications, identification and characterization of the players, feedback of experience, market data and trends and available technological opportunities.

Technology watch and idea generation: IDWatch™


As head of Innovation R&D, you know that some of the technological watches carried out by your ad hoc cell are somewhat disconnected from the innovation projects. The collected and analyzed data, held in your databases is in too many cases underutilized.

Solution: IDWatchTM workshop

  • Innovation 128 works with you through an IDWatchTM exercise and transfers the corresponding expertise to you.
  • In the sphere of innovation you define, we identify the imagined innovative concepts covering sectors other than your own.
  • Your R&D and Strategic Marketing teams select the most relevant and take part in an “assisted” creativity workshop led by us
Innovation Funding : Inno φ

Context: You run a small business and know that innovation is the guarantee of competitiveness. In a time of scarce resources, the funding for your next innovation program and its impact on your results is a daily concern. You must have support and guidance to optimize your tax credit research.

Solution: With Inno φ, our consultants guide and advise you in carrying out a technical audit in order to identify research activities and expenditure eligible for research tax credits. We securely calculate and optimize your research tax credit; do the financial audit of expenses taken into account and develop records justifying the expenditure declared; as well as to write rescripted application files.

Training in innovation watch best practice: : InfoMaster™

Context 1:

As the manager of an innovative SME, your market is global and your competitors are major world-scale groups against whom your teams need to be able to fight on equal terms. You need to organize your technological intelligence system.

Solution a: System audit and recommendations

  • Detailed analysis of your current system.
  • Identification of sub-best practice and corresponding improvement options.
  • Drawing up appropriate action plans.
  • Implementation support.


Solution b: The InfoMaster™ Serious Game

An original Innovation 128 concept, the InfoMasterTM game puts 5 of your corporate executives around a table where, for 4 hours, each one is responsible for a specific watch.

Working on cases they have actually experienced within your company, they very quickly learn and assimilate strategic watch best practice and find they can create the action plans for your company that best match its culture and resources

Context 2:

As head of the Innovation Watch cell, you want to increase your understanding of best practice.

Solution a: The 3IS Day

We offer you the opportunity to take part in the next 3IS Day: Strategic Information, Innovation & Intelligence. During the day, you will dialogue with the “class leaders”. This benchmarking means you can measure how far away from the best you are and learn the most relevant methods and actions.

Solution b: Customized coaching

With close support provided by an Innovation 128 consultant, you carry out a variety of watch exercise within your company (Statement of Needs, Sourcing, identification of outside experts, interview techniques, exploiting professional databases, research and automated Internet watch, preparation of deliverables and returns, etc.).

Active technological watch: : Open Watch™

Context 1:

With responsibility for the technological and economic development of a Territory, you want to speed up the creation of innovative companies and to increase the competitiveness and growth of existing companies.

Context 2:

Your company has (almost) overcome the Not Invented Here syndrome. External innovation resources make it possible to reach the market and to create economic value and jobs faster. You want to cut your Time to Market and increase your competitiveness.

Solution : Active Technology Watch

  • Detection of opportunities through the CEIS international network (North America, EU, CIS, Asia).
  • Managing initial contacts with the selected laboratories.
  • Technical-economic project validation.
  • Selection of opportunities.
  • Facilitation.
Technological and strategic watch: : TechWatch™


While starting or closing an innovation program, you need reliable data on the solutions being prepared by your competitors, to uncover their roadmaps, obtain the drafts of proposed regulations being drawn up, identify potential laboratory assets and their industrial liaisons, etc.

Solution A: State of the art Reviews and Monographs

  • With a scientific and technical state of the art summary or a monograph describing existing products, you get a clear overview of what is happening in the field.
  • Thanks to bibliometric tools, you can obtain a clear view of the field, of its various technological elements, players in the field and of their relationships,
  • Identifying the innovative research areas on the other hand, the orphan subjects.


Solution B: Continuous Information Screening

  • On a specific theme, and after supporting you through the statement of your needs, we can set up the perfect ad hoc watch system.
  • Once the relevant are sources identified, we set up the automatic monitoring using OwlWatch, a crawler developed by CEIS.
  • Our consultants load the selected data to the secure OwlDesk platform, the CEIS collaborative watch and knowledge management tool.
  • Key and critical data is highlighted in the monthly watch report, and analyzed during cross-fertilization meetings.
Valuation of technological assets and technology transfer: TechTrade™

Context 1:

As head of a research laboratory, you want to maximize the value of the knowledge and expertise of your researchers. You need to be put into contact with trustworthy industrial partners.

Solution : Valorization and Technology Transfer

  • With their huge experience of technological marketing and their ability to understand and “translate” scientific languages, our consultants can ensure that your expertise and capabilities are made easily comprehensible.
  • Following the joint definition of the best asset valorization strategy, we draw up a product offer file that provides a summary description of the potential applications, and the intellectual property.
  • We select and contact potential industrial partners and assess their level of interest.
  •  At your request, we can help you to manage these contacts.


Context 2:

You are in charge of Marketing or New Business Development. An analysis of the potential applications of a technology developed by your R&D team has highlighted a new market opportunity. As your project involves very innovative technology, its potential markets are emerging ones, with statistical data hard to find or totally non-existent.

Solution: High technological value market survey

  • In order to clarify the decision making process, CEIS jointly carries out a market study with you and helps you define the optimum positioning.
  • In a domain with a high technological density, Innovation 128 clarifies the technical and strategic aspects of the project, helps you to segment the market and details all of the data that is available for the decision making process.
  • Based on the data collected from the available literature, an initial summary helps in highlighting the missing pieces of the puzzle.
  •  Our consultants and experts carry out detailed interviews with the key players in the value chain (opinion leader, technoproviders, users, competitors). They have a complete understanding of survey techniques and the capacity to act using a large number of languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Indian and Chinese).