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We have shared the spirit of innovation with our customers since 1979.  This is the spirit that exists within all agile organizations that understand how to adapt constantly to their changing environments.

The spirit of innovation is nurtured and grows with the successful launch of new products and services. Symmetrically, it perishes in organizations that allow failures. This means that you must control the strategic information in order to master the risks.

Your spirit of innovation will thus be enhanced by your ability to get through the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome. Open Innovation, which will enhance the intelligence you hold, involving the implementation of an active and up-to-date technological watch system.

For 30 years, in Europe and around the world, we have carried out hundreds of missions, applying constantly refined methodologies, always with the same objective: to deliver quickly visible and quantifiable results. We would like to help you to measure and take control over the risks associated to your innovation projects, enabling you to identify and exploit technological opportunities, the guarantors of your competitiveness.