CEIS Middle-East

CEIS has an extensive knowledge of the North African and Middle Eastern areas. CEIS Middle East helps you in all the countries of the region, especially in those of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), by providing a wide variety of services on an international scale.

Designing and carrying out tailored monitoring in different languages
  • Geographic: Monitoring can be based on, for example, a regional network (GCC), a country (Saudi Arabia), or a region (Kurdistan region of Iraq).
  • Political: economic, social, environmental, security.
  • Sectoral: energy, finance, transport, defence and security, environment
  • Competition: international and local competitors, market opportunities and risk
  • Identification of target countries in accordance with client objectives
  • Projects to support the client in the targeted countries to assess the possibilities and terms of implementation
  • Analysis of competitors and their businesses in a region or country
Risk Assessment
  • Mapping decision-makers and decision-making channels
  • Terms of decision-making
  • Analysis of how changes in the political, economic and social spheres impact on business activities
Identification and verification of partners
  • Identification of potential partners or potential acquisition targets
  • Profiling and mapping of directors and shareholders
  • Ability to support clients during initial contact and negotiations
  • Training and preparation of managers, or their expatriate teams, on everyday life, relationships at work, social constraints and security aspects of their new place of work.
  • Awareness training for negotiating teams on socio-cultural symbolism and local bargaining methods
Negotiation Feedback
  • Client audit
  • Advice and adjustment of the proposed implementation strategy