CEIS in France

Throughout the regions of France, CEIS provides services to communities, clusters and SMEs:

  • Economic security support
  • Facilitating territorial economic intelligence devices within key sectors
  • Setting-up and facilitating clusters in order to structure a territory's industrial sectors
  • Assistance in the development of schemas for analysing regional patterns of economic intelligence, economic development and innovation
  • Technology transfer support

CEIS Nord Pas-de-Calais

Founded in 2007, the Nord Pas-de-Calais CEIS offices are now located in Lille Euratechnologies.

This local branch initially gave support to several regional competitive clusters (NSL, @TRANS, MAUD, PICOM, UPTEX, and AQUIMER) within the economic security field.

Since then, CEIS has expanded its regional action by taking part in several projects for the Regional Council, such as structuring its regional innovation strategy (SRI) and regional economic development layout (SRDE).

CEIS also helps other communities to create their innovation strategy (for example, the implementation of expertise centre for contactless technologies EURA RFID), the creation of the digital culture technology cluster (EURA LENS), and the “SME Plan 2000”.

CEIS Nord-Pas-de-Calais:
165, avenue de Bretagne
59000 Lille
Tell: +33 (0)3 20 50 05 30
Contact Franck Tognini

CEIS Lorraine

In 2001, CEIS set up an office in Lorraine to create the first inter-sector economic intelligence structure (wood, materials and health) with the Regional Council.
CEIS contributed to the creation of two company clusters:

  • Aériades cluster, 2004: The leading French cluster in aeronautics, space and defence, combining 30 SMEs/SMIs, for a total of 2000 jobs and a €245 million turnover.
  • Lorraine’s wind power cluster, 2006.

In 2007, the Lorraine region commissioned CEIS to facilitate the CSTL association (Scientific and Technologic Cooperation for Lorraine) in order to promote scientific and technological exchange internationally, as well as the implementation of new projects and innovative companies, which result from this exchange.

CEIS Lorraine is run by Caroline Jungers.

CEIS  Lorraine:
21 en Chaplerue
57000 Metz
Tel: +33 3 87 21 14 47
Contact Caroline Jungers