Expertise and Network

Since 2006, the European office of CEIS has been based in Brussels, at the heart of the European institutions district.

The CEIS European Office Team

  • Combines a deep experience of European affairs, skills in project conception and project management and specific expertise in defence, security, open source intelligence, transport, energy, maritime affairs, and more.
  • Provides and maintains a network of rapidly mobilizable experts throughout Europe (individual experts, research centres, public and private companies, government, industry, etc).
  • Has access to the entire skill-set of all CEIS departments: studies and strategic solutions, risk management, technological innovation, regional competitiveness, public affairs and communication.

To carry out projects, the team relies on a network of contacts, experts and partners at the European level. The consultants also conduct ongoing targeted monitoring, using tools developed by CEIS, and follow up on legislative debates and regulatory missions, as well as the numerous seminars and conferences that punctuate life in Brussels.

CEIS is a founding member and continues to support the ongoing operations of the EUROSINT FORUM, a non-for-profit organisation bringing together EU Intelligence players in a platform of trust. The EUROSINT FORUM has over 400 members and contacts. About five times a year, this association organises work and brainstorming seminars on technological or operational intelligence topics. These meetings are held across Europe to promote exchanges with national players.

Through the European projects in which CEIS is involved, the European Office team reinforces its expertise every day and continues to develop its network of trusted public and private partners.